Proving non-existence is illogical & nonsensical.

YOU need to prove the existence of viruses.

But first, let's clarify, Virus: self-replicating pathological particle that, when spread by natural ways, provoke illness in humans (or in animals). Which particle can be separated from everything else without the use of other substances (like antibiotic). And I insist, transmitted by natural ways... no injections, no poring in the lungs, or any other artificial form of contamination.

Oh but wait, these experiments have been done, without succeeding in transmitting diseases.

- 1919, Boston/San Francisco experiment. "Unsuccessful Attempts To Transmit Influenza Experimentally." Public health reports v. 34 no. 2 January 10, cdc_67902_DS1

- 1919, "Experiments To Determine Mode Of Spread Of Influenza", Rosenau, link:


- 1920, "Attempts To Cultivate Filtrable Viruses From Cases Of Influenza And Common Colds", University of Chicago, link:


- 1921_"Experiments Upon Volunteers To Determine The Cause & Mode Of Spread Of Influenza", US Public health service, bulletin-123, Rosenau, link:


Please stop the empty arguments from genetics, PCR test...


Prove natural contagion by touch or/and respiration, then prove that it comes from a "Virus" particle.


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Well said. I would add that during the spanish flu there were several documented experiment where they tried to prove contagion and all of them failed. They all can be found in old journals and a man known as Spacebusters made an excellent documentary citing these experiments in details with proof, source. The End of Germ Theory is the title. Same with every other viruses, they never could prove that they jump from person to person.

In the background Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr Mark Bailey just made a podcast to answer to this article. I hope Heart takes time to watch, thank you.

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I have been carefully following the virus / no virus debate since more or less the advent of Covid. The proponents of both sides of this debate do indeed seem able to articulate valid arguments for their particular point of view, which leaves the ordinary laymen like myself in somewhat of a quandary. As a result of my own investigations, I cannot help but suspect that there is something seriously wrong with the simplified and highly propagandised narrative that we have been fed by our governments and various other health bodies around the world. It is for that reason that I believe it is of the utmost importance that all independent experts who have reached similar conclusions work together to get to the bottom of what is really going on with regards to Covid 19 and it's origins. However, while all these experts seem to agree on many of the harmful aspects relating to Covid, eg masks, lockdowns, vaccines etc, when it comes to the virus / no virus debate, that agreement goes out of the window, with both parties seeming stubbornly wedded to their particular perspective on the issue and unable to form any form of concensus or agreement on how they could work together to iron out their differences and maybe even make some new discovery that could explain why there is such a difference of opinion.

You may ask well why does this matter if all these experts agree on the harmful aspects relating to the way the pandemic was handled ? Well the very foundation for all the restrictive measures (and indeed the vaccine), which were implemented in response to Covid, was based on the accepted virus model. If this model is indeed flawed, then it is vital we understand why to prevent the same thing from simply happening again.

I have recently written a simple paper which endeavours to understand, from a layman's perspective, why these experts can reach such differing conclusions with regards to the existence / non existence of a virus and perhaps offer a hypothesis of how both sides can be reconciled.

Interestingly, my paper picks up on many of the points highlighted in the above Hart article. The paper is available here if it might be of interest to anyone:- https://bit.ly/43VQ3sN

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Thanks for your link. I am sure you know about the ' Settling the Virus Debate '. This has now gone very quiet for the last year. https://drsambailey.com/resources/settling-the-virus-debate/

"" 5 virology labs worldwide would participate in this experiment and none would know the identities of the other participating labs. A monitor will be appointed to supervise all steps. Each of the 5 labs will receive five .. "

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Maybe not carefully enough as the case is clear. They don't isolate viruses, they don't (can't) separate them to everything else and then prove that they cause illness. Dr Stefan Lanka did the control experiment of virus isolation the only difference he used that there WAS NO SAMPLE from any sick people, but he used everything else what normally is used, bovine serum (genetic material), monkey kidney cells (another genetic material), poisoned the cell cultures with antibiotics (just how like they do it) and when the cells were dying they produced 'viruses'.

Your paper - sorry - don't worth the time to read after such level of ignorance on the topic.

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When I wrote "The proponents of both sides of this debate do indeed seem able to articulate valid arguments for their particular point of view" The very point you are making is exactly one of the valid arguments for the "no virus" side of the debate that I was referring to. You seem to think I believe that a natural virus particle has actually been physically purified and isolated when I am certainly in no way convinced that it has. The other very valid argument on the no virus side of the debate is the extreme difficulty in proving natural viral transmission. Believe me I have a great deal of affinity for your point of view so am rather disppointed by your somewhat antagonistic response. As I said, I come at this from a layman's perspective and make no claim to be an expert. I have absolutely no skin in the game and merely want to see both sides of this debate work together and perhaps make some sort of new discovery that is able to reconcile the two sides of the argument. Both sides simply "shouting" at each other gets us nowhere. Indeed, if Stefan Lanka's work is valid, then this should have already been pivotal in moving the debate forward, as he has the necessary knowledge and technical expertise to clearly demonstrate the flaws in the virus model to the scientific community. However, while his experiments are widely known about in the no virus camp, how many of the virus proponents know of his work, as I don't believe it has been widely published ? Whilst I am extremely sceptical about established scientific research papers, maybe a start would be to attempt to have his work published in an established scientific paper and subject to peer review. The response to this might tell us a lot !

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As I'm concerned, I recognize your good intentions, and reading your well written document, I found it a little bit too layman for my taste, but that just me.

As for the "ignorance"... well, in your last intervention concerning Lanka (but not only), you're not helping yourself at all. The "no virus" confrontation started with AIDS in the 80s (that I know of), with books, research, and documentaries... and they are numerous. As for Lanka, he's been there for 3 decades. Here's a nice summary:


Some more references...

- 1993_PCR should not be used for diagnostics - Kary Mullis (video)

- 1996_Kary Mullis - Extended Interview


- 1998_Never Broadcast Ch4 News Report Challenging Existence of HIV ‘Virus'.

You say "I don't believe it has been widely published" (about Lanka, but valid for any no-virus proponent), which is not false, but is it because they didn't speak out, or because it has been silenced?


- 2001_report_Presidential Aids Advisory Panel Report_South Africa 183p - Perth Group & many others


- 2006_No Panic - Dr. Stephan Lanka on Bird Flu, AIDS & the Corruption of Medicine, interview transcript

- Aids Inc. (2007), documentary.

- House of Numbers.. Anatomy of an Epidemic (2009), documentary.

- Dismantling the Virus Theory (2015) - Dr Stefan Lanka - pdf

Report in which he performs the same exact "virus" culture as virologue do, but without the "virus" contamination. Lanka gets the same results they get. Demonstrating that the virologist's methods are flawed.


- HIV – A Virus Like No Other 2017 - Perth Group - pdf



One last point, about your comment: "maybe a start would be to attempt to have his work published in an established scientific paper and subject to peer review". This demonstrates your naïveness, lack of understanding of what I would call "the rules of the monopoly" (referring to the control from the Establishment, Institutions & corporations if you will). There is a billion (if not more) dollars drug industry based on the virus fallacy. And THEY'll do anything to keep it running.


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From the start, and like the BMJ, Hart has swung both ways. I'll stay with the opinions of Dr. Mark Bailey and Kevin Corbett PhD. As they have said, this argument will run and run into infinity until it runs out of energy.

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Please can you elaborate on what you mean by Hart having "swung both ways" from the start?

This article is entirely consistent with our long-held position: we cannot say that viruses do not exist per se, but how they relate to disease is very incompletly understood, and certainly nowhere near enough to form the basis of any of the so-called "public health" policies or other interventions imposed on the population recently.

We are in neither of the "camps" you imply - and to attempt to impose this dichotomy is in itself somewhat artificial.

If you want to place us in a specific camp I'd suggest ours might best be those who understand that:

"it would be better if we all acknowledged what we don't know, as it's almost certainly more important than what we do know, and in any case a lot of what we think we know will turn out to be wrong"

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This paper is an embarrassment. A joke by alleged scientific types having no understanding of science and refusing to really understand terrain theory and the absurd claims of germ theory and virology the fake science.

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The NO VIRUS position is very simple: there is NO EVIDENCE that a virus (as defined and accepted) - a replication competent particle that spreads between people (contagion) and CAUSES disease EXISTS.

The arguments presented by Kaufman, Cowan, Bailey and Co. are very clear, logical and based on documented scientific studies that go back more than a century. This particle has never been isolated (removed from everything else) from ANY person and therefore does NOT spread and therefore cannot CAUSE disease. 

They do not seek to explain all the many mechanisms by which people become ill, they are simply stating a fact - there is NO EVIDENCE of a virus as per its accepted definition.

When a model such as the virus/germ theory, does not fulfill ALL of the evidence, then it should be denounced and a new model/theory that better suits, should be proposed. This is the only way we will be able to realise what actually CAUSES disease. 

Members of the HART group: At the end of the day isn’t that what we all want? 

By continuing with a unproven ‘best fit’ model we will never get to the truth.

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Amen. I second that.

I must add that even the mainstream concept of what is a "disease" is in question. As it is mostly based on the premise that the body is being attacked by some microorganism, which is unproven.


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Agreed! As is the belief that bacteria is the cause of illness, when they are simply the cleanup crew. I’m with you all the way!

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I'll go even further...

My current perspective (understanding) is that the human body is almost entirely in symbiosis with colonies of bacteria (from our mouth to our anus, all over our skin, hair). Participating in a circle of life.

Just as the mind and the physical body are indivisible, the body/mind and bacterias are unseparable. And it seems like "nobody" [of the three] is ever in full control. And this idea of sharing our body with microorganism defies our belief in our [illusionary] freedom, our supremacy over the living nature. A big slap to the resisting egos.

There always more than what meets the eyes.

Just my little grain of salt, cheers.

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My take on it, is that our bodies are always trying to reach balance - so yes symbiosis all the way and yes, these bacteria (in all their different forms) plus water make us who we are physically, mentally and spiritually, so yes, the same as what you’re saying. Everyday a new piece of the puzzle of life is solved.

Cheers and thanks for the support!

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I have a question please. Why we never hear about somatides? While the existence of viruses is unproven, the existence of somatides are proven by Gaston Naessens and his early recordings still can be found even on Youtube. This little particles in the blood are shape-shifters (polymorphic) and form bacteria and fungi to help to heal. They are visible in the living blood and a strong proof of the terrain theory. Why they are not openly examined and discussed? The shape-shifting is recorded and at about 50 years old recording.



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Hey amigo... you know you got to raise your hand before questioning the virus dogma. Otherwise, you're committing blaspheme. A sacrilege !!!

Just kidding :D

Here the same link, but starting from the beginning of the video.


Ahhh Gunde, this reminds me vaguely of Antoine Béchamp's book "The blood and its Third Element", 1899 (yes! 1899)... Still in my 2read list. Any relations?? (if you know)


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Wonderful article. Thank you. This perspective reflects well our present ignorance and the sort of research presently in play. The lack of control groups and the artificial methods used in the referenced study (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-022-01780-9?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email) are typical and unhelpful. Certain obvious questions raised by terrain theorists must be addressed, and studies like the above must be made clearer for critical engagements with the public they are supposed to serve. We are living through a period in which we use highly toxic chemicals on lawns, for instance, especially this time of year when folks are getting sick. Consider the number of schools and institutional settings where this is happening. Farmers use massive amounts of toxic fertiliser as well this time of year. There may be other sorts of airborne toxic materials at large that require our attention to eliminate them or virus transmission from the equation. If one examines the Nature study linked above, one finds far too many methodological lacunae tilted toward bias confirmation. Some elements in fact appear ridiculous. Science needs a kick in the rear as does the science following public. We should be demanding far more from scientists, especially transparency, self-criticism, and openness to public inquiry and debate. Hiding behind in-group techno-babble doesn't serve anyone but those who stand to profit from implying that all this stuff is somehow beyond the comprehension of non-specialist. Such attitudes place science in the zone of divination and Gnostic hierophancy.

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It's not a mystery it's quite obvious why people get sick

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Indeed. Poisonings and cyclic de-poisoning. Unhealthy food, chem-trails, poisons in the drinking water, smog and E-smog, chemicals and I could carry on. Arthur Firstenberg' book The Invisible Rainbow is a must to understand what is flu. Before we started to play with electricity implementing it everywhere then the telegraph followed, flu was an extremely rare illness appearing just in every couple of decades but suddenly it was everywhere when appeared while back then there was not fast travel. It was the effect of the sun, solar activity. E-smog causes the more and more frequent and dangerous flu 'outbreaks'. With every new invention and implementation humanity had a more serious flu 'pandemic', during the Spanish Flu - apart from new vaccines - the radio was the culprit, people can't adapt to it fast enough, especially those who previously lived in a rural (no electricity,) area. It started on a military base where they taught using radio.

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Yes. But mostly food. (And pollution..smoking.. drugs etc) Cyclic cleansing of garbage food intake. And by garbage I mean anything cooked. Less cooked more health. Note:no "pandemics" amongst other species. Why? Because they eat raw food suited to their physiology. We don't. Hence the necessity for cleansing. Humanity cannot comprehend sickness because it is so widespread that people cannot see that it's the food and illness is cleansing periodically ..natural response.. related to toxins. Not germs. If it were germs we would all be dead.

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I love germs... no germs no beer, no smelly cheese, no artisan bread, no wine.... how dull life would be without germs... if any life at all.

I love germs :)

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I agree about the electro-smog. After living 15 metres from a phone mast for 3 years, I got bad flu-like symptoms lasting for weeks, including very swollen neck glands. Speaking to Prof Kent Chamberlain (New Hampshire Commission) he said he had heard the same very often.

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You chaps are a disgrace to say the least.

Anyone who considers the fact that:

- Transmission of a viral agent from a sick host to a healthy host has never been proven, and

- The fraudulent "isolation" process

Must conclude that the virus model is just plain wrong.

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Specific rebuttal of Hart's virus model arguments here: https://odysee.com/@Dr.TomCowan:8/markbaileywebinar:f

Questions for Hart to answer at the end.

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Great, thank you.

I think the "no virus" notion is hindering our quest for truth and justice.

I look at it as a form of distraction.

Of course people question "COVID deaths" when...

- ...the WHO/CDC recommend prioritizing U07.1 as UCOD

- ...PCR tests will always turn positive after sufficient amplification

That doesn't mean people most of these deaths attributed to COVID weren't COVID deaths.

I think both these mechanisms are implemented to seed doubt.

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There were no COVID deaths. Not one.

COVID is the disease which is distinct from the alleged virus SARS-Cov2. The PCR test detects fragments of the alleged pathogenic virus SARS-Cov2, so a positive test means you apparently have pieces of the alleged virus, it does NOT mean you have the COVID disease (cold/flu like symptoms). People did not die “with” or “from” COVID, they just died with a fragment that belongs to an in-silco (computer generated) virus SARS-CoV2, which has never been isolated from anyone and therefore proven to cause any illness.

It is very clear that there is no evidence that any pathogenic respiratory virus was circulating and that it was causing death. Time to look at the work that Denis Rancourt has published using all cause mortality.

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Riiiight. Lol... You people crack me up.

Time to go circle-jerk with people who agree with you.

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You did not refute one thing she said. You virus obsessives are incapable of rational thoughts or providing evidence.

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Pahaha virus obsessives, omg. You don't even know me.

Nutjobs, seriously.

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Ooh another brilliant response. Pathetic.

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Give it up Gfo, this user is not worth the time.

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... and suddenly flu death disappear during 2020 stats...

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And that explains 1000-4000% non-influenza pneumonia (J12-J18) excess mortality in younger age tiers across US states in the middle of summer?

Whatever you say, Sherlock.

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Is pneumonia Caused by a microorganism? Does the existence of something in a body prove it is the CAUSE of ill health? Do you know how to show causation? Do it.

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Talk to the hand, cause the face: It ain't listening!

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Because you're an idiot and you cannot support your claim

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Yes, Sir. You got me.

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What's YOUR explanation, Watson?

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I doubt you would understand and I have wasted way too much time on you already.

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Then move along... move along.

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You clearly don't understand terrain theory

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Pahahahahaha. Right, because you've got to be so very clever to understand it. Religious nutjobs...

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Your response is meaningless

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Comment deleted
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What a load of waffle... Send me proof of transmission of a viral agent from a sick host to a healthy host or everything in this article and your comment is useless information.

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Oct 13, 2023·edited Oct 13, 2023

I'm now referring to your substack "Vigilance per VAERS" and your being "after understanding precisely WHAT went down, for which I look at the details".

From what I understand, by concept, being filled voluntarily by doctors, the VAERS system was far from complete.

The problem in finding direct evidences in this kind of context is that it's incomplete, most of the time, and uni-dimensional. It's only by looking at the "unpromoted" history that I found sufficient information to have, what I hypothesize, a better global understanding.

Investigating, reading about:

1665 - The great plague of London

1721 - Small Pox - Plague

1820 - Cholera

1840 - Polio

1909 - Smallpox

1918 - Spanish Flu

1950 - Small Pox

1957 - Measles

1968 - Lyme Desease

1980 - AIDS - HIV

2001 - Anthrax

2009 - Swine Flu

2013 - Ebola

2016 - Zika

2020 - COVID

2022 - Monkey Pox

2025 - SPARS Pandemic (will it?)

It becomes so obvious, the repeating pattern (problem-reaction-solution). Always with the consequence of rise of control of the population.

- Then look at the 1919 experiments, failed attempts to transmit illness, by natural ways.

- Then look at the proposed & imposed solutions in the last 2 centuries, the chemical industry involvement, the transformation of Medicine into a controlling institution, with Bigpharma leading the way in research, education and gov. policies.

- Then looking at the efficacy of Medicine, being the 3rd biggest cause of death in the USofA.

- And let's not forget about who's involved in promoting their solution, for which they are the main beneficiary.

- The WHO, with it's criminal leader, dealing new binding agreement with all it's member to have complete control over "Health & Pandemic" policies of states.

- Then researching about human behavior, wondering why masses of people go to war and kill other humans, or all rage in stores to buy/fight for toilet paper, or accept to be locked down, or throw rock at a tied woman and kill a claimed witch, or keep watching TV, while being completely oblivious to how much their minds are being shaped, their perception/interpretation of "reality" being shaped, or constantly hooked to their smartphone, unable to have an elaborate conversation, person to person.


There has been opposition to vaccines since the 1700s, from health "professionals" and normal people... that I found in historical literature. Today, people are still fighting about vaccines, USA being the most vaccinated with its ~70 shots program for kids under 18.

I mean, com'n people. You got to smell the coffee!

Are we going to fight another century, while they put chips in our brain, and being pushed in smartcities ???

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Note how the virus people don't read or comment on anything you say?

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Snif, snif... yes I noticed... they don't like me... snif.

Just kidding :D

Seriously... yes. And it does feel like a waste of time, at times. On the other hand, sharing information, crossing path with other questioning people, can be a good remedy against peer pressure from the "normal" people. You know, "normal" people, the ones that repeat what they've been programmed, by the TV, to say that people not wearing a face diaper should be banned everywhere...

Have you seen the movie "Captain Fantastic" ? Well, I think it says it all, or almost.

Any comments on what brought to the table ?

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They were, but the cause was not a virus but radiation. Feel free to check. When I first heard about the long term loss of smell and taste I googled and it turned out it was frequent in people after radiation treatment (of the neck and head). The covid lungs are bilateral - very rare type - pneumonia, which again is typical radiation symptom. People with covid complained for long, debilitating tiredness and had blood issues (Rouleaux formation). While it was proven previously that when one carries a mobile long enough the blood start to show this Rouleax (thick, unable to carry oxygen on a proper level) formation but when the person keeps the phone away the blood goes back to normal. Same was proven with smart meters, part of the documentary of Take Back Your Power. Covid - when not flu or cold rebranded - is the effect of radiation but a non existent virus (Christine Massey, 118 FOI requests), no virus.

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No. It's chemtrails, clearly. Lol

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Comment deleted
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I actually love unicorns. How did you know?`

And I can only implore you to think of the virus particles, too. How would you feel if I claimed you weren't real?

I mean I don't really have any proof you are.

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The devastatingly Fatal Covid19 virus was designated "Novel" because it had the inserted Furin Cleavage Site devised by the US Bioweapons effort over a period of decades with collaborators in Spain, Japan, China and elsewhere.


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It wasn't "devastingly fatal" though except in certain pinpoint locations. Spreading respiratory viruses don't behave like that.

In fact, "it" spread to several continents over at least 6 months entirely unnoticed.

"It" became fatal once the panic and hysteria - whipped up by an insane testing apparatus - started.

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What is the evidence something spread? You know people get sick every year in the same numbers right? Just suddenly they started reporting numbers and you think something is different. Hilarious.

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At the beginning it was fatal in the 5G areas, Wuhan, Lombardy, New York, the cruise ships with the fastest internet (antennas). It interacted the 2019 flu shots, tjhis part was discusses in a conference in Madrid as early as 2020 summer, they noticed that there was an 'interaction, cross poisoning effect' but back then they didn't know about graphene oxide being in many types of vaccines including those flu shots. This part is not debatable, there are two laboratory report, one from Spain and one from the UK, while these examined the popular covid shots, later many vials were examined. For details follow La Quinta Columna, their early articles can be found in English on orwell.city, right now their translated videos are on Rumble, and their own site where among the documents you can find the original laboratory reports, too.


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Midazolam, Remdesivir, ventilators and high dosages of HCQ and other toxic chemical cocktails are fatal, especially when you're sick and frail in your 80's with a few 'co-morbidities'.

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Thank you for this reply, I would give you 100 likes if I could!

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Proof anyone became ill due to a virus?. Provide it. Not vague associations. Actual evidence.

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The virus was isolated in numerous countries, was fully genomically sequenced with proof of insertion of the FCS, a known US military Gain Of Function technique. This is currently happening on US soil to increase lethality of Dengue Virus, funded by Pfizer in Baric Lab.

The virus kills by inducing your Lung cells to merge forming multinuclear cell Pneumonia. A truly horrible Death suffered by millions.

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You don't know what isolation means. You don't understand sequencing. And you're making an unsupported assertion about causation. Stop embarrassing yourself

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As about sequencing, the biggest animal they ever sequenced was a fruit fly, the DNA-RNA part is as much as a fraud as viruses.

Excellent research on it:


You can find more at Dr Cowan (Odysee)

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I do not suffer fools gladly.

Worked in Genetics Lab, trained in PCR and design of primers.

Pubished this paper with leading immunologists and experts in viral infection.


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And that's the problem.

1. You think you know.

2. You refuse to see what isolation is .

3. You don't question your assumptions and procedures.

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Then you really should watch the Northern Tracy' material, Amino Age the Truth about Genetics. Also worth to watch dr Andrew Kaufman lecture on how this PCR (fraud) really works.

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Amino Age... great suggestion. Thx.

Here's the link for anybody interested:

The Amino Age (The truth about genetics)


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Is it possible that you work/live in an echo chamber?

So much that you can't question your assumptions?

Science is not a destination, it's a path.

If you can not question the fundamentals of your "beliefs" then it's dogmatism. You are practicing a religion.

"Leading experts" white coats are not immune against the INDUSTRY. Nor are the peer reviewed research, nor the journals.

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Another Abusive Troll

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One last question, why put PhD in your name?

- is it because you need it to raise your credibility?

- signify you are part of a class apart from others?

- that you are more knowledgeable than others?

- to signify that you have the approval of the education system?

- should I call you "Doctor"?

- for the prestige?

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Proof? Because I can prove the opposite. Christine Massey sent 218 FOI request till this date to ask about covid isolation, it was never properly isolated and proven to cause a thing. She also sent FOI request in connection with other viruses like polio, ebola and many more. Same, no proof. On the other hand there is proof that the first ebola case happened in a clinic administering malaria shots in Africa, later when they tried to scare us, there were reports of poisoned wells, poisoned lands - Jon Rappoport's archive has the details, nomorefakenews.com

Christine Massey FOI proof:


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"The virus was isolated in numerous countries, was fully genomically sequenced"

You're new to the #novirus conversation aren't you?

Neither of your claims is even close to being accurate.

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Comment removed
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If you don't read, you never find.

Isolation, TEM, full sequencing, successful culture and then export of reference Virus was done in Australia.


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"successful culture"


False and false.

CPE proves nothing

You're lost in abstracts from reality.

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The aus study did not detect virus. It detected sequences based on what the Chinese papers claimed was a virus. And it wasn't since they didn't isolate or prove causation. You will ignore both of these issues or fail to comprehend it. Because you're a PhD and you think you know. Just like you assume they (Chinese) did a proper experiment. They didnt. And so we waste our time trying to get through to you and we fail.

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Your study depends on the Chinese studies. Those studies were invalid. See I told you ...you assume. You don't question . You don't understand isolation. Show the methodology in the Chinese papers where they "isolated". You can't. You won't. Because it will show your entire career is fraud and we can't have that.

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Yes Geoff. That is how they operate.

They just want to promote their beliefs, don't care for data, don't care for truth. It's best not to waste any time on them.

I experience enough cognitive dissonance working with the data as it is. I am not ever able to tune into any consensus, which is agonizing, while they celebrate each other for being in agreement about... about others being wrong, amplifying each others' preconceptions unchecked.

It is nothing less than collective insanity.

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"Collective insanity" ?!?

Ooohhh, you mean the people that queued a quarter mile to get in the supermarket and fought over toilet paper, then queued again and again to be crooveed tested, then queued again to get jab, and again...

Yes I agree with you, collective insanity.

I usually refer to them as the chicken society. Their daily routine consists of waking up at a specific hour, talk-talk about nothing, eat, eat, eat, poo, poo, poo... ploc an egg,, talk-talk, then go to sleep. They're good for fertilizing the soil, giving eggs, and meat. They don't ask questions. And when we're done with them... just eat them.

Why don't you get real ??

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Don't care for data or truth? You're a dunce. And a liar. Many people have posted data here that you ignored

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I agree, "if you don't read, you never find".

Now, may I suggest you put in your reading list "Virus Mania"... Perhaps you as well would find some food for the mind.


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Comment removed
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See Reference 1 in my article. But of course you might just be an Abusive Bot

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It would require proof. I mean the bioweapon part. No group of people on the earth would release a bioweapon simply because it would be a risk to people and also their families and even in that case modified or not the virus theory should require proof - isolation.

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Specific rebuttal of Hart's virus model arguments here: https://odysee.com/@Dr.TomCowan:8/markbaileywebinar:f

Questions for Hart to answer at the end.

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Thank you, I hear this argument sometimes usually someone requesting I see Stephen Lanka's work, who said "viruses don't exist". One of the arguments not mentioned in your piece is that labs seems to be able to manufacture viruses and manipulate them or engineer the spike protein for gain of function. If viruses don't exist, how can the above work be performed?

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As long as they get millions in funding, they'll call it "Virus research", "Cancer research", "HIV research", "gain of fiction research", or whatever "scary research" they can find. Then people are so afraid that they're willing to ingest any drugs, and get shots at any cost.


And it's been contaminating our world for a couple of centuries. Just follow the money trail, or is it too difficult to do?

I apologize for expressing myself in a frustrated manner.

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They don't. It's fantasy. And bad definitions.

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They still believe Pinocchio is a real boy. They don't see the strings, and can't conceptualize it could be manipulated by a puppet master. How silly would that be???

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The virus model may seem the 'best' way to describe the observations but this is because:

a) Only a limited number of options have been considered

b) The data has been misinterpreted

c) The so called Terrain model has not been clearly described

What has been missed is the idea of top-down causation coupled to seasonal influence which entails organised and meaningful activity down at the cellular level, thereby leading to well-defined disease states:


The data seemingly supporting the idea of 'group infection' via transmission actually disproves any idea of contagion and supports an environmental trigger: https://library-of-atlantis.com/2023/11/24/the-hart-group/

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The virus model may seem the 'best' model to explain the observations but that is partly because only a limited number of arguments are available and the 'Terrain' model is not particularly well elucidated.

Please consider, as an alternative, a model of top-down causation whereby organised and meaningful cellular activity is coupled to seasonal changes via an attractor system as described here: https://library-of-atlantis.com/2023/12/06/the-hart-group-model/

The argument that the phenomenon of people getting sick in groups is supportive of a transmission model is flawed, with the evidence actually disproving contagion in any form. The work of Fred Hoyle explains this here: https://library-of-atlantis.com/2023/11/24/the-hart-group/

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It’s frustrating when the “experts” don’t even know the foundations of the subjects they claim to be experts in.

Here’s another example in my interaction with a “tax expert”



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US Military Bioweapon depends on FCS


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There's no pathogenic viruses. You live in a fantasy land.

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Thank you for showing your true colors.

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It took you that long to see them?

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